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Photograph by Katy Weaver 

Photograph by Katy Weaver 




Based in San Francisco, CA. Available for all of California, West Coast, and Worldwide. 

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When I had first started out in photography, I fell madly for street photography. Photographing moments that to some might seem mundane or ordinary, I was able to take them and create something that was much deeper. As odd as it sounds, my love and experience with street photography has had an influential impact on my wedding photography. By photographing people and their subtle expressive emotions when they least notice, or telling a story through photographs simply by being present and observant on your wedding day.

I strive to capture natural and organic moments that are often over looked. I love creating something that you'll fall in love with.

Other than the copious amounts of time laying my eyes on photographs, I write. Constantly. On paper, in my head, out loud. I can put away an entire tiramisu to myself.  I search for the meaningful in every situation. Traveling & photographing strangers makes my lungs sing. Affection & words of affirmation are my love language. Truly connecting to my surroundings is what I feed off of.  I am happiest when surrounded by and consuming figs. 

RECENT stories

Kate & Darrell // Muir Woods Elopement

Kate & Darrell // Muir Woods Elopement

Alicia & John // Stable Cafe Wedding

Alicia & John // Stable Cafe Wedding

Lisa & Dan // Pelican Inn Wedding

Lisa & Dan // Pelican Inn Wedding



I like to think of our work together as a collaboration. The creativity in your wedding planning and the creativity in the way I capture it is what makes us such a great team. That is why when choosing a photographer, you want to make sure that you not only love their creative work but also find one you have a connection with. A photographer, aside from your own mother and wedding planner will be by your side the entire day. You want to make sure you feel comfortable letting them know exactly what you’re hoping to create and find a photographer who is just as passionate about what they do to create it.

Lucky for you, I am so deeply passionate about what I do.

You’re investing a lot when trusting someone to do one of the most important roles on your wedding day. I make sure to capture the moments you will quickly forget due to loads of excitement, tell your story through emotion, and everything in between that goes unnoticed. I enjoy working with like minded individuals - ones that are intimate and simplistic by nature, and ones who don’t enter the day with expectations but flow with the day’s arrival. A little shy or extremely exuberant, I love finding personalized ways to make sure you feel comfortable in front of my lens. I strive to capture you just the way you are, true and candid.

All packages are customized to each couple. No wedding is the same so I treat each couple with the same mindset. Email me to get to know what your package would include according to the details of your wedding day.



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