Elaine & Tom // Stern Grove // San Francisco Wedding Photographer

Elaine & Tom's wedding was one of the most humble and love filled wedding day. I love when couples and their wedding day don't always go the traditional route. Elaine & Tom had decided to get their wedding bands tattooed on their fingers before their wedding day. During their wedding ceremony, they unveiled their bands by removing the ribbon on their finger and I even love the style in which they did it. Tom's bandmates sang the most beautiful song during their ceremony and my favorite; the Jewish tradition of breaking the glass, they did it together! Typically the male shatters the glass and I loved the equality built in of them doing it simultaneously. Each guest got to take a succulent home. A succulent that lived in a tea cup, a ceramic mug, or a stunning and miniature vintage vase. Elaine's mother foraged and gathered these vintage and unique containers for months to bring such a special element to their loved ones who came out to celebrate.