Adriana & Marc // Barcelona Home Session Part II

I got the incredible opportunity to connect with and photograph Adriana & Marc in Barcelona. There is truly something about trying to find the words you want to say while trying to navigate through a language barrier. It is always fascinating to have to find different words to describe a word you know so well, yet many aren't familiar with. Despite the mild language barrier, the three of us had entered deep and stimulating conversation that I don't even get the chance to enter with many of my own fellows. Reminding me that it isn't the language that is needed to connect but simply the open and welcoming nature that so many of us look past at first glance. 

Adriana & Marc had let me into the most intimate crevices of their mornings. We had done our session before the sun herself woke up. Walking to their home before sunrise in the streets of Barcelona made me feel like I was awake in a different city entirely. The stones that filled the narrow alleyways looked untouched while the blue light cascading off the Spanish building tops looked like it had been eager to trade places with the sunlight all night. 

I always want to go into describing my couples' personalities and their interactive fascination with each other but then I truly believe that the photographs should be doing exactly that. Especially when I have gotten to know their story and how magnetic these two are, always finding their way back to each other. These particular photographs I feel is quite true to Adriana & Marc's nature, as individuals and as lovers. I fell in love with these photographs so much that there are two parts to them. Enjoy Part I & get lost into these beings who have been together for over 10 years. Get lost into their morning rituals and real life commonalities to our own. Just like all home sessions, I want the photographs to be true to what they live and breathe. I want the mess in the kitchen and the clothes you woke up in. I want the tired eyes and the uncontrollable morning embraces. I want it all. 


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