Self Love Event // San Francisco


I knew I wanted to photograph women. I knew I wanted to photograph the hills that form their body shape, the lines that deepen over time, the way they slouched and relaxed their muscles when no one was watching.  I knew I wanted to photograph what makes them passionate, alive and weak. What I didn't realize was how much I wanted to capture something I didn't quite think I could. A women's strength, her nature and the days she is at peace with herself. How do you photograph a person's emotion towards themselves? How do you possibly photograph self love while trying to instill it at the very same time.

With these girls, I didn't even need to try.

The first thing I get to know about a woman almost immediately when they come to me and tell me they want to join the Self Love Tribe is their level of courage. And not because they come to me with a blaring and glamorous 'YES' but quite the contrary - a hesitant and extremely unsure yes is what is slipping out of their mouths. It is the courage I feel in women when they do something that they are afraid of, something they are quite dubious about but yet know so deeply inside them that this is what they must do. They showed up even when it scared them. Making the conscious choice to be photographed in a humble and modest way and yet walking into it with no expectations yet still trying to find yourself substantially is uh, not easy. So when these four completely different beings full of tenacity and energy let me photograph them bare and soulfully exposed, my heart was at full capacity and I was well, scared shitless.

I sought out to photograph these women's self love and I wasn't quite sure if I could. If I could truly capture who they are when they aren't trying to be the many personalities that is asked of all of us. If I could truly capture the quiet, the calm and the strong. As the day filled self love event began, I realized that I didn't need to do this all on my own. It was a collaboration between two women who both ignite the same energy that fuels the calm and the strong. The girls that day brought exactly what I could ever hope for to this collaboration with me - their authentic and true self. And most importantly, their trust in me.

Something that was intensely important to me was that this event would not only empower the women attending but also empower local & creative women business owners who work so hard to creatively empower each other and our fellow women. Thank you to these amazing women who made this event even more ambrosial. At the end of this post, you will find the information of the artist, feel free to head to their sites to show them some love!

The snaps below are from the day starting with mimosas to unwind and get to know each other to ending the day gathered around the table to loving on the day's experience and each other. Limiting the number of girls was crucial to this experience. It became a very intimate gathering of truly getting to know each other rather than a sort of networking opportunity. Becoming a member of the tribe is knowing you're truly apart of something, something real and personal.

You'll notice there aren't a lot of photos of the women conversing or in action because I myself was immersed with my camera down enjoying the day myself. I can't tell you how much I also walked away with such self love just listening to the other women talk about their struggles and accomplishments, no matter how big or small. I didn't even realize I was indeed attending my own self love event.

If you don't already know, the Self Love Event is a day long event filled with mimosas, hour long private self loving photo sessions and a gathered dinner with food + wine to end the night - all while trying to redefine boudoir.  No lipstick or lingerie required. Get in touch to know more.



I'm still trying to cultivate the right words to describe how beautifully draining the self love event was. The type where you are drained of your immense and intentional creativity because it is being used so deeply and in unison and somehow it also simultaneously fills you up. The type of draining I want to feel for the rest of my life.