Lisa & Dave // Muir Beach // Pelican Inn Wedding

Upon returning from my travels to Scotland, I had the undeniable itch to blog this wedding and it wasn't until I was intentionally placing its story in form that I realized why. The Pelican Inn with its individually mismatched chairs, light by candlesticks, and charming & romantic underground space to feel the authentic feel of old town england is what makes Lisa & Dave choosing to breed unity here so meant to be.

As a photographer, every once in a while you'll get that couple who you're hoping so hard will be your coffee mate or city friend beyond photographing their wedding day. That couple is Lisa & Dave. From the moment I met them for their engagement session on Mt. Tam, there wasn't a moment of silence or dull small talk. It was Lisa & Dave that reminded me that there are couples out there I'll connect with instantaneously, as if we've known each other for years. Those couples who remind me why I do what I do. To let my camera guide me to meet incredibly kind and personable humans. It wasn't until the speeches were being voiced on their wedding day that I realized that everything good I noticed about this couple had been raved about by their closest friends. The fact that I, a complete stranger had gotten to know these beings in a similar fashion as their adored ones, I realized I was getting nothing short of authenticity and genuine nature. And that's all I could hope for when being trusted to join an affair so intimate and so knowing.

In the photographs below, you'll come to notice at some point only two couples dancing. This is the bride's parents and the groom's parents. They had separately excused themselves while everyone was still eating dinner to indulge in the melodies playing outside. It wasn't 'time to dance' or the time according to the day's timeline and I absolutely fell in love with that. Both couples didn't even realize I was there and probably wouldn't even realize anyone was if they were in a crowded room. You can even tell their personalities simply from their body language in the photographs. I was taken aback by the intimacy still exploding out of one another and for each other. I have to say that they were also the last one's dancing on the floor as well. Their energy igniting such spark no matter the age had inspired me till this day.

With all that organically occurred that day, I had striven for the photos to be quiet, intentional and detailed with sophisticated intimacy. Enjoy every aesthetically charming detail and every infectious laugh Lisa couldn't control.