Rachel & Ryan // Half Moon Bay Anniversary Session

When I shot Rachel & Ryan's wedding last winter, it was obvious that we all three instantly connected with each other. But it truly wasn't until their anniversary session that I didn't quite realize how much we do indeed connect. We spent an hour hanging out in the dimly lit parking lot after their session talking about balance in relationships, the things in our past that shape us to who we are today and being there for your partner when they need you most without even knowing it themselves.

I think often about how when in a relationship, you are not one. You are not on the same journey or path. You are two beings on your own voyage who choose to share those two separate journeys in this lifetime together. There is nothing I love most than getting to know that shared but different path of my couples. Individually & collectively. 

I think anniversary sessions are important. Whether it be with me, or some other creative - I am always an advocate of getting this time in your life intentionally documented. You will never be able to return back to this time in your life, yet only through photographs. Nostalgia is contagious and so worth the investment to store time to come back to years and years later.

Here are a few favorites from their wedding day last winter.