Ariel & David // Blackbird Farm Wedding

Ariel & I first bonded over our distaste for cake and loved her even more when she told me she was having rolls of cheese for their wedding cake. This wedding was one of my absolute favorite weddings I've ever shot. So much so, that I spent the entire rest of the night dancing and celebrating with them and their people. Everyone treated me like family and I knew these two were surrounded by amazing people. I've also never met a couple so goofy, down to earth and perfect for each other. I’ve never seen a friendship quite like theirs, they’re hilarious, so beautifully quirky and they dance literally every second they get. At any given time I would be looking over at them and there they are, dancing again with no one around. 

They spontaneously met each other on a hiking trail and each table was named after one of their favorite hikes, and Ariel created and hand written every detail you see here. I loved seeing how much of themselves they incorporated into their wedding day and am proud to share these!