Stern Grove Wedding

Elaine & Tom // Stern Grove // San Francisco Wedding Photographer

Elaine & Tom // Stern Grove // San Francisco Wedding Photographer

Elaine & Tom // Stern Grove Wedding

two thousand & seventeen

Comparison is inevitable when it comes to art. Comparing our work to others, to our own, to that of what isn't there, what could have been there, and what is there. Comparison not only makes us think deeper about the work we create, but also pushes us to create better and stronger work. Although I have to say, the rare times I simply do not compare a photograph to anything than what it is, is the photographs you see below. Moments that couldn't be recreated, organically revealing themselves. Moments in between the chaos and the mundane. Moments that come together to define a story. When you photograph a wedding in a very documentary style, some of your favorite moments end up being those unplanned and unrehearsed. And at times, these are the photos that get quickly overlooked, quickly passed by. It is easy to overlook that of which is not taken in an epic location or full of intertwining limbs. I wanted to shed my light on those moments that are just as crucial to tell the entire story. Photographs that can only be documented when you have wide eyes yet patient ones too. Photographs that aren't the most conventionally beautiful and moments where no one knows you're even watching. 

This year was full of growth, full of getting to know the type of relationship I strive for with my couples. The trust instilled in me from my couples to document their day as the day unfolds is more than I could ever ask for. Finding couples who share the same vision of foraging and gathering, coming together with those they have spent their lives loving, all that is what matters most. This year I have felt more connected to those I have documented - couples who are now some of my closest friends, couples who I have spent getting to know so deeply, and some who I have had gotten real low on the dance floor with. Spending time to connect with my humans on a level beyond wedding photography and being able to document the most intimate parts of them is what keeps me addicted to what I do. 

Along with copious amounts spent among the foliage in the Bay Area, my work has taken me to intimate in home sessions in Barcelona, passionate sessions in the cobbled streets of Florence, empowerment and strength in Joshua Tree, backyard gatherings, Muir Woods elopements, green ballrooms overlooking City Hall, and so many places lush in emotion and greenery. 

For these select favorites, I wanted to choose pure moments. Moments that make up the entire story, moments that are documented just the way they are - true and sincere. I am so damn proud of the work I create, and proud of the couples who create it with me. Cheers to an amazing year, wouldn't have been able to do it without you all.