two thousand & sixteen

I have been putting off writing this post until today. Usually the words are sitting in my head far long before I am able to find photographs to accompany them, but this time I had taken my time to individually look through each photograph leaving me with only visual and spacial nostalgia to feel so attached, as if it was my own wedding. I constantly question why we feel such attachment to the photographs we take when what is visually inside them is not us after all? I constantly analyze my relationship with being a wedding photographer to ensure that I am not only taking 'pretty' pictures but also honing my ability for visual storytelling and gaining gratitude for my surroundings, for where the camera has lead me to. The people & their places. The places & their people. 

This year has been a busy one. No words could even describe the immense appreciation I have for every opportunity and trust that my couples have put in me to be apart of such an intimate and personal affair. Each wedding I photographed this year was more than just a number on my list of weddings I have shot - it is the groom who asked his bride's children if he could marry them too, it was the traditions of a Jewish family & a Hawaiian family beautifully and visually intertwining on their wedding day, it was the groom's school students who made colorful paper airplanes to be thrown as they walked down the aisle as husband and wife. It is each moment that has presented itself that I not only get to photograph but experience myself and that to me is amazing. Amazing to get the chance to be apart of. If there is one thing I strive for in every situation and photograph, it is intimacy. Whether it be lovers near waterfalls or a food truck on a wedding day, the intimacy in any situation is what attracts to me hit the shutter, every time. 

At every single wedding, I mutter the words to myself why am I doing this, why am I here. Not out of doubt or disinterest but purely out of holding myself aware to why I chose to be a wedding photographer. The question is sometimes answered during an emotional ceremony that I find myself feeling in my core or during an absolutely joyous celebration that many photos tend to come out blurry because my camera and I are dancing simultaneously along with everyone else. And sometimes it is completely answered during making an end of the year post and individually appreciating and experiencing each photograph all over again that reminds me why I do what I do. It's more than just pretty pictures, it is creating something intimate and personal with complete strangers who I am now so very attached to, along with every detail of their story. 

This was my first year as a full time photographer, taking the leap into making photography all that I breath and see. I am so very elated to say that it has been an adventurous and flourishing year and it couldn't have been possible without all of those who constantly take the time to support my work and all the couples who trust me to create something that they will fall in love with.

Not only was I able to shoot more weddings than I could have hoped for, I traveled to Bali, Scotland, and Oregon (3x) this year - who were all visually stunning in such different ways, and individually enriched my hunger for traveling and curiosity. I watched my business and passion grow in every aspect of the word. I met and got to know a lot of different relationships and forms of love. I created the Self Love Tribe to continuously strive to empower my fellow women. And most importantly - I was challenged. Without challenges we stay stagnant and aren't able to grow higher and this year was full of learning about myself and this ever growing relationship I have with wedding photography. I hope your next year is full of adventures, passion & challenges too.

Enjoy each and every one of the stories below.